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Nov 22, 2010
Last year, by chance and circumstance, I relocated to Hong Kong after 11 fantastic years working in the US. It was a daunting yet exciting experience, where the streets were replete with new issues and funds being raised. This was in contrast to the fatigued capital markets in the US, which were emerging from the depths of the global financial crisis. I, like many others before me, looked to the East for new opportunities. Today, in my role in corporate access at ...
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Nov 19, 2010
This fall, IROs in North America had plenty to mull over. The big issue, of course, was new financial legislation, specifically the Dodd-Frank Act. But there was plenty more to discuss, including proxy plumbing, social media and Canada’s imminent adoption of IFRS. Luckily, IR magazine had expanded its think tank schedule and, between September 28 and October 7, hosted three events across the North American region, in Chicago, Houston and Toronto. Ch...
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Nov 17, 2010
Strong investor demand has pushed up the value of General Motors’ (GM) share offering. On Tuesday, the car manufacturer announced it had increased the estimated price range for the 365 mn shares of common stock being sold from $26-$29 to $32-$33 each. The company also increased the number of preferred shares it is issuing as part of the share offering from 60 mn to 80 mn, which will bring in an extra $1 bn, o...
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Oct 29, 2010
Almost a third of IR budgets are now more than $1 mn, according to the latest survey of IR trends by The Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon). In its sixth study of global IR practices, BNY Mellon finds that 29 percent of companies have seven-figure budgets (in US dollars), up from 21 percent since the last survey was conducted in January 2009. The survey also notes that only 47 percent of respondents no...
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Oct 04, 2010
Click here to download a one page summary of some of the findings. About IR Insight: IR Insight is IR magazine’s research brand, building on the publication’s established global research efforts. Since 1991, IR magazine has taken its renowned investor perception study around the world to markets as diverse as Brazil, China, Singapore, the Nordic region, South Africa,...
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Sep 27, 2010
Investor roadshows are an essential channel allowing companies to forge and renew relationships with investors. With this in mind, IR magazine commissioned a study into practices in May and June of 2010. IR magazine’s global survey on roadshow practices is the definitive guide to roadshow practices at leading IR departments around the world. Inside the 2,000 word report:     •    Find out how many days your peers are devoti...
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Sep 23, 2010
As well as being from a BRIC country (Brazil, Russia, India and China) with strong growth prospects, Brazil’s IROs benefit from progressive regulation in the capital markets, which ensure that every listed company has a dedicated IR officer. This is reflected in some large, well-resourced IR departments, and one of the world’s largest in terms of headcount at 16. Budgets at leading teams in Brazil compare favorably with the rest of the world: the modal average I...
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Aug 27, 2010
Investor roadshows are a fundamentally important part of any IR schedule. As well as being an essential channel for companies to forge and renew relationships with investors, the roadshow offers IROs the chance to prove their worth to senior management. Some IROs even have their qualitative performance metrics and remuneration tied to the overall success of the roadshow so ensuring that investors and analysts are adequately briefed prior to the trip is of the utmost...
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Jun 28, 2010
How does $4,500 for a meeting at an industry conference and $7,500 to $10,000 per meeting for a non-deal road show appearance sound? Now you understand why you keep getting called for meetings with management – they are a valuable commodity. That was one conclusion from the most recent Greenwich Associates US Equity Investors Study as interpreted by some savvy observers. The annual survey estimated that brokerage commissions paid by US institutions on trade...
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