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Jul 16, 2021
The week in investor relations: BlackRock’s power, Loeb’s investor meeting rejection and Hong Kong’s ‘hot market’
– When BlackRock tweaked some models back in May, it triggered a wave of buying and selling, reported The Wall Street Journal (paywall), which said the investment giant’s moves set off flow of more than $1 bn to one relatively small ETF in just a few days. Citing BlackRock documents and ‘people familiar with the matte...
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Jul 15, 2021
Overcoming the Russian discount: How Polyus leveled up its IR outreach
The ‘Russian discount’ – where domestic companies trade at lower values than international peers – is a well-known phenomenon. Investors cite corporate governance concerns, a lack of transparency and geopolitical risk as some of the principal reasons for the mark-down. As a result, Russian IR teams know they have to work extra hard to get their message across to the buy side. That’s one reason why Polyus decided to build out its internal investor targeting...
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Jun 17, 2021
Keeping meetings real(ish)
Even though the world is beginning to breathe again in the wake of the pandemic, some things will remain consistent from the old normal to the new paradigm: investor relations departments will still be scrambling to make the most of their budgets, senior management teams will continue to be pressed for time, and the air conditioning systems in hotel conference centers will still be too cold by lunchtime. But the advent of online meeting platforms has brought the pro...
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Jun 07, 2021
Corporate Access report now available
IR Magazine has released a new report investigating the changing nature of corporate access. The report examines the logistics of engagement between companies and the investment community and how IROs and investors feel about the different approaches. The report also looks at the rise in direct contact between company and investor and what this means for both buy-side and sell-side corporate access operations.   ...
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May 25, 2021
Virtual offers IR-only opportunities in off-the-beaten-track destinations, says Phoenix IR
Adrian Rusling, founder of Belgium-based Phoenix IR, talks frankly to IR Magazine about how heading to smaller investor destinations can help diversify the investor base in locations more open to IR-only meetings. And with the pandemic having moved everything online, he explains that an increasing number of companies have been adding such cities to their roadshow schedules. While he stresses that he doesn’t want to ‘overstate the importance’ of these ...
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May 10, 2021
Most investor events to remain virtual this year, study finds
While some investment banks are preparing for a tentative return to small in-person events in the coming months, the majority of investor events will likely continue to be held virtually this year, according to a study conducted by OpenExchange. Three out of four investor conferences during the second half of 2021 will be entirely virtual, according to OpenExchange’s survey of 139 decision-makers at 30 financial institutions. As of May 10, Barclays is the b...
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Apr 08, 2021
How corporate access works at Point72
Grant Bartucci, associate director of corporate access and broker relations at Point72 Asset Management, talks to IR Magazine about meeting efficiency, issuer communication and the return to in-person engagement. How big is the corporate access team at Point72 and when was it created? It’s a team of four in total but that includes my part of the group, which is two people and is heavily focused on direct interactions with companies...
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Apr 05, 2021
Prepare for video events and beneficial owner access, Computershare exec says
The increased use of technologies offering remote access to AGMs has led investors to expect greater access to top C-suite executives, according to Paul Conn, president of global capital markets for global transfer agent Computershare. Conn says the use of relatively new technology and an increase in the understanding of how to use video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom has led to better engagement between investors and companies. He expect...
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