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Oct 20, 2020
Inside CureVac’s IPO: A baptism by fire
Dr Sarah Fakih joined CureVac – one of just a handful of public biotechs focused on messenger RNA (mRNA) technology – in July 2020, as the Tübingen, Germany-headquartered firm was preparing to list on Nasdaq. The company was officially founded in 2000, after founder Dr Ingmar Hoerr (a doctoral student at the time) made a discovery that could u...
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Oct 05, 2020
Last word: Phase two of virtual IR events brings the potential for more flair
Readers around the world will have been relieved that, as global Covid-19 lockdowns eased, the very serious business of English Premier League football was allowed to resume in June, albeit with a few key changes. Given the worldwide appeal of the soccer league – home to household names such as Paul Pogba, José Mourinho and Mohamed Salah – it’s perhaps no surprise that organizers were keen to get things going again, even if games have to go ahead with empty s...
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Sep 10, 2020
Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Shanghai: Emerging market companies should expand their reach, says ALG
A new partnership announced this week sees Austin Lawrence Gidon (ALG), one of South Africa’s leading equity research companies, join forces with UK-headquartered Edison Group with a professed mission to ‘transform South African corporates’ access to international capital markets’, before doing the same in neighboring markets. Marius Strydom, CEO at ALG, talks to IR Magazine about the challenges South African IROs are facing, where they should be lo...
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Sep 03, 2020
Investec talks corporate access: The ‘new normal’ will be a blended model
The recent results of what was formerly known as Extel’s UK Small & Mid-cap Survey, now published under the Institutional Investor brand, highlight how few firms make it to the top spots. While this year’s survey is split across three categories – research, sales and corporate access – just three companies dominate the top spots: Peel Hunt, Numis and Investec. Andrew Peck, head of Investec’s listed client group, provides investment advice to i...
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Aug 24, 2020
A decade in the trenches hosting investor days
I never set out to be in investor relations; it somehow fell into my lap – a familiar story to many, I’m sure. My own journey happened after years in strategic financial planning, budgeting and various finance positions. My CFO tapped me to move into IR after working closely on several projects that incorporated my financial, creative and project management skills. In 2009 my first i...
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Aug 21, 2020
Telling your IR story during Covid-19
Investor relations has never faced such a challenging future. High-quality investor relations is now more important than ever before. The devastation wrought by the pandemic has seen a record number of companies raising new capital. Despite the £17 bn ($22 bn) injected by UK public markets to strengthen balance sheets, ensure growth and potentially buy weaker rivals, most players strongly suspect this represents the tip of a very deep capital requirements iceberg. ...
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Aug 17, 2020
Making the most of investor meetings and events in the Covid-19 era
With the mid-summer earnings reporting season coming to a close and much of the world still significantly impacted by Covid-19, company management teams and boards are grappling with a range of difficult questions that go to the very core of both corporate strategy and investor relations: How can quarterly results be contextualized to provide transparency and insight into management’s strategy for navigating near-term challenges? How big a role shou...
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Aug 12, 2020
Wednesday Winner: More meetings with European investors
The investor relations team at Wix is used to remote communications with its management team. Although the IR team is US-based, the management team is at the company’s headquarters in Tel Aviv. In this video interview, Maggie O’Donnell, director of investor relations and joint winner of the rising star award at last year’s IR Magazine Awards – US, describes how her interactions with management have changed since the Covid-19 outbreak – including how they...
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