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Jun 16, 2022
Opening bell: Myesha Lacy of Arcellx on the biotech’s IPO
‘Why are you going public now?’ asked investors during biotech Arcellx’s IPO in early February this year. It was not a surprising question. Investor sentiment was decidedly bearish, with valuations on a downward trend and an increase in global risks, from rising interest rates to the ominous buildup of Russian troops on Ukraine’s border. For biotechs in particular, the pace of new listings had slowed to a trickle. During the first quarter of 2022, just nine ...
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May 05, 2022
Just 38 percent of GCC listings priced ‘successfully’, according to Iridium Advisors
In a finding pointing to how hard it is to see an IPO succeed over the longer term, Iridium Advisors says just 38 percent of IPOs across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region were priced successfully – even with the firm using a 20 percent price range to define ‘success’.  Iridium arrived at the figure after looking at how many companies saw a first-day closing price within ...
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Apr 13, 2022
Consensus management: Why does it matter?
Why does consensus management matter? The short answer is because a lot is at stake for your company. And more often than not, the consequences and implications of not having a well-planned consensus management process are overlooked. When it comes to near-term financial results and longer-term outlook, a proactive and regular dialogue with analysts can be extremely effective in managing market expectations.   In the case of near-term financial results, such as upc...
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Apr 11, 2022
Copper hires from Bank of America as crypto projects demonstrate allure
Copper, which offers cryptocurrency trading services to the investment industry, has brought in executives from Bank of America (BofA) to work on a new unit, underlining the pull of crypto projects for high-flying financial professionals. The new hires will work on Copper’s prime infrastructure offering, which supports prime brokers that want to offer crypto trading to clients, amid ...
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Apr 01, 2022
Opening bell: Trustpilot’s Derek Brown talks London IPO
Did Brexit come into Trustpilot’s IPO plans at all? Not really, says Derek Brown, head of IR at the Copenhagen-founded company that went public in London in March 2021. Brown, who joined Trustpilot in November 2020 to take it through the listing process, says that while much was made of the Brexit effect when the company listed, ‘it didn’t really feed into our calculations and we certainly weren’t trying to make any political point by going public in London...
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