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Jun 16, 2022
Getting the messages through: Danielle Fugere of As You Sow on ESG investor proposals
What have been some of As You Sow’s priorities for the 2022 proxy season? We continue to work on climate [change] as one of the most important issues facing investors and people generally. We are focusing on ocean plastics and petrochemical risk – those two go together in the sense that oil and gas companies are becoming more reliant on producing plastics as the world transitions away from fossil fuels at the same time as the world moves away fr...
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Jun 10, 2022
Once more with feeling: Connecting with investors on an emotional level
We are often taught that the best decisions are made when feelings are removed. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you, goes the saying. But scientific studies have shown that, in reality, emotion is a key part of all decision-making. ‘Emotions are a shortcut the brain uses to quickly distill lots of complex information into an actionable impression,’ says Richard Peterson, founder and CEO at MarketPsyche, a provider of financial sentiment data. ...
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Apr 20, 2022
CII says beneficial ownership proposal can aid engagement
The Council of Institutional Investors (CII) has welcomed a proposed SEC measure designed to help shareholders engage with portfolio companies without falling foul of regulatory hurdles – but says clarifications are needed. Specifically, CII is pleased with the new Rule 13d-6(c), which would spell out the circumstances under which two or more people may communicate and consult with one another and engage with a company without being treated as a group that must co...
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Apr 13, 2022
Use market volatility to your advantage, say IROs at IR Magazine Forum – TMT
The technology, media and telecoms (TMT) sector has been on the receiving end of significant volatility over the last nine months amid a swirl of macroeconomic risks.  But when your stock is under pressure, that may be the best time to get out there and increase your marketing activities, said Asana’s head of IR Catherine Buan, who was speaking at the inaugural IR Magazine Forum – TMT.  ...
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Apr 11, 2022
Last word: Space – The final IR frontier
We’re all sick of hearing it, but there is no denying that the pandemic has widened the landscape for how we all work, socialize and play. And the job of an IR professional is not exempt from this broadening horizon. But what if the additional global reach of – for example – online earnings calls, virtual events or hybrid working practices was only the beginning of this revolution? What if the scope of the capital markets was ready for another, more galactic e...
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Mar 28, 2022
Thematic fund launches more than doubled in 2021, finds research
Thematic funds had another banner year in 2021 with a huge rise in new fund launches and assets closing in on 3 percent of all equity investments globally, according to new research from Morningstar. Last year saw a record 589 new thematic funds created, more than double the previous record of 271 in 2020, finds the report. Europe remains the biggest market for thematic funds and in 2021 saw its global market share of assets rise to 55 percent. ...
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