Investor Perception Study - Canada 2013

Mar 08, 2013
<p>Underlying the IR Magazine Awards is a body of research that identifies the best corporate IR teams</p>

More than 250 institutional investors and analysts participated in this year’s survey to identify the best current exponents of investor relations in Canada.

The IR Magazine Investor Perception Study – Canada 2013 is now available to order.

Included in this year's report is:

  • Comprehensive IR information about the Canada Top 50 – the top-performing IR departments in Canada, according to investors surveyed in the report
  • Verbatim comments from analysts and investors about all companies featured in the Canada Top 50
  • In-depth interviews with the best-performing IR practitioners on their success strategies

You will also be able to see how each of the companies performed in the following categories: financial reporting, investment community meetings, use of technology, most progress in IR, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, best IRO, best CFO & best CEO and best overall investor relations.

How to get your copy
The IR Magazine Investor Perception Study – Canada 2013 costs C$595 but is available free to all professional member subscribers to IR Magazine.
If you upgrade to this subscription level now, you will have access to the IR Magazine Investor Perception Study – Canada 2013, the IR Magazine Global Practice Report 2013 (published November 2013),the IR Magazine Investor Perception Study – Canada 2014 (published February 2014), digital copies of all four regional investor perception studies published this year, and much more.

You can upgrade to a professional-member level subscription online or by downloading this order form. You can also buy individual copies of the report by completing this order form. For further information or any other inquiries, please contact Reece Tan at +44 208 004 5337.

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