Investor Perception Study - US 2013

Apr 10, 2013
<p>Underlying the IR Magazine Awards is a body of research that identifies the best corporate IR teams</p>

Over 700 portfolio managers, buy-side and sell-side analysts participated in this year’s survey to identify the best current exponents of investor relations in the United States.  When the votes were in, the Top 100 were named, then celebrated at this year’s IR Magazine Awards - US 2013.

Find out why they won and what you can do in the coming year to emulate them in the IR Magazine Investor Perception Study – US 2013 - now available.

Download the report today and receive:

  • Latest rankings of leading companies in the IR Magazine US Top 100, featuring profiles, analysis and in-depth interviews with IROs and senior executives.
  • Lists showcasing new entrants and rank changes to Top 100
  • Quotes from investors and analysts on why the winners won
  • Award-winning companies outside of the US
  • Feature:  US IR: the original – and still the best? Janet Dignan investigates whether the rest of the world has caught up with IR in the States.
  • Feature:  Cash-rich companies and say on pay. What should companies do with spare cash? And just how do investors feel about the say-on-pay issue?
  • Infographics and charts that clearly and concisely convey research findings that you can use in your own internal business presentations

The research report costs $595 but is available FREE to all professional member subscribers to IR Magazine. Try before you buy – sample an extract of the 2012 report here!
Not a professional subscriber yet?  Upgrade now and get access to:

  • IR Magazine Investor Perception Study – US 2013
  • IR Magazine Global Practice Report 2013 (published November 2013)
  • IR Magazine Investor Perception Study – US 2014 (published April 2014)
  • Digital copies of all 4 regional investor perception studies published this year 

Get your IR Magazine Investor Perception Study – US 2013 in one of 2 ways:

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Don’t miss this chance to learn the strategies of the winners, and put your company in a winning position for next year!  For assistance ordering or any other inquiries, please contact Reece Tan at +44 208 004 5337.

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