Investor Perception Study – US 2015: benchmarking datasheet

Mar 27, 2015
<p>To accompany the release of the <em>Investor Perception Study &ndash; US 2015, IR Magazine </em>is pleased to make available the datasheet based on this year&rsquo;s investor perception survey, giving you the opportunity to benchmark and undertake peer analysis of 378 US companies.</p>

Using the benchmarking datasheet you can filter each company according to their sector and market cap and sort by the number of points gained in the following categories:

  • Best investor relations professional
  • Best IR by a CFO
  • Best IR by a CEO
  • Most progress in IR
  • Best financial reporting
  • Best use of technology
  • Best use of social media
  • Best investor meetings
  • Best corporate governance
  • Best sustainability practice
  • Grand prix for best overall investor relations
  • Total points

This datasheet is available for free to all professional subscribers to IR Magazine. To subscribe or upgrade to this level, click here or contact Reece Tan at 44 208 004 5337.

For more information on the Investor Perception Study – US 2015, click here.

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