Fund manager interview: Andrew Lynch, Schroders (part 2/4)

Aug 02, 2010
<p>The north of Europe is much more responsive than the south, says fund manager</p>

Investor relations practices change as you head south across Europe, according to Andrew Lynch, fund manager at Schroders. He says Scandinavian companies get their reports out very quickly and provide lots of detailed and contextual information. As you move further south, however, reports take longer and longer to appear, and the amount of published information can diminish.

Lynch also discusses IR in the Netherlands, following the strong performance by Dutch companies at the IR Magazine UK & Continental Europe Awards in 2009. 

This is part two of a four-part interview. The other parts cover:
Part one: Are IR officers up to the job?
Part three: What investors want from corporate reporting 
Part four: Investor relations and technology

A written version of the interview is available to read here.

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