Fund manager interview: Andrew Lynch, Schroders (part 3/4)

Aug 02, 2010
<p>Lynch says companies should change the way they report exceptional charges</p>

Annual reports are time-consuming for both investors and companies, but they do allow investors to see what the auditors feel a company should be telling its shareholders, and this is very useful, says Andrew Lynch, fund manager at Schroders.

One way corporate reporting could improve, adds Lynch, is for companies to change how they report exceptional charges. He points out that exceptional charges are being used to cover costs that reappear each year.

This is part three of a four-part interview. The other parts cover:
Part one: Are IR officers up to the job?
Part two: How IR practices differ across Europe 
Part four: Investor relations and technology

A written version of the interview is available to read here.

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