Fifteen questions with Portugal Telecom

Jan 27, 2014
<p>Quick-fire interviews with IR professionals</p>

Nuno Vieira is head of IR at Portugal Telecom. The firm, which is in the process of merging with its Brazilian subsidiary Oi, won best overall IR by a mid-cap company at the IR Magazine Awards – Europe 2013.

Nuno Vieira, head of IR at Portugal Telecom
'We have a team that is specifically focused on our social media presence' – Nuno Vieira, head of IR at Portugal Telecom

1. How long have you worked in investor relations?
I’ve worked in IR for six years, as IR director for Portugal Telecom.

2. What did you do before joining the profession?
I worked for six years as a telecoms engineer and for about eight years as a sell-side equity analyst.

3. What are your qualifications?
I have a degree in electronics and telecoms engineering and an MBA, specializing in finance. I’m also a CFA charterholder.

4. How is your IR team set up?
A senior group of four people is responsible for the relationship with the financial community, document production and benchmarking. Other team members are responsible for the web portal, roadshow planning and targeting.

5. How many roadshows and investor conferences do you usually take part in each year?
We typically focus our efforts on key telecom conferences and comprehensive roadshows to ensure we meet investors throughout the year in the main geographies. We also do ad-hoc conferences and roadshows targeting specific investor demand.

6. Do you use social media as part of your IR program?
We have a team that is specifically focused on our social media presence, and we articulate our actions through that.

7. Who do you report to?
I report to the CEO and also work very closely with the CFO and his team of financial officers.

8. What is the most popular question from investors and analysts right now?
Brazil and the growth potential of its telecoms market is the most popular topic.

9. Do you hold investor days?
In recent years, we have organized only one event: our technology day in October 2012.

10. What’s been your biggest challenge over the last year?
The tech day; it is very unusual for a company to organize an investor event in which it does not propose to share estimates or formal guidance. This event turned out to be a success to a great extent because of the technology transformation implemented at PT since 2008.

11. What’s your favorite thing about doing IR?
It has to be speaking with analysts and investors. I tend to speak personally with each analyst almost every month – and we have so much to talk about.

12. What’s your least favorite part of the IR role?
The bureaucratic work, which I seem unable to delegate!

13. What about life outside work?
Family is the priority: I focus on striking a balance between work and family time, as we need quality but quantity as well.

14. Where do you see yourself in five years?
We have many challenges ahead so I continue to be excited about being an IRO. Nonetheless, I am always open-minded about my professional future.

15. If you could pass on one IR lesson, what would it be?
As an IR professional, I enjoy the flexibility of Portugal Telecom not having a strict guidance policy. This enables me to discuss industry trends and market dynamics with investors and analysts, allowing more added value.

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