Investor Perception Study ‒ Asia 2015/2016

Dec 08, 2015
<ul><li>Insight into current attitudes towards IR in the Asia investment community as surveyed from more than 400 buy-side and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers in the region</li><li>Verbatim comments from analysts and investors about the top ranked companies and IR in general</li><li>Rankings for 245 companies in a range of categories</li></ul>

This report features interactive features like videos and page links. For these to work effectively, the report needs to be downloaded to your computer - this may take a few minutes - and opened in Adobe Acrobat

Investment community feedback

In addition to providing information on which companies and individuals were voted the current best IR practitioners and why, this year's report will focus on exactly what the investment community most values, and provide their positive and negative feedback on these areas of investor relations:

  • IR in general
  • IROs
  • Senior management
  • Reporting and disclosure
  • Reporting formats
  • Use of technology
  • Investor meetings
  • Corporate governance
  • Sustainability

Benchmarking and peer analysis

In total 245 companies across a range of sectors and market caps have been ranked in this year’s investor perception study. For each company there will be a points breakdown for the following categories:

  • Best investor relations officer
  • Best IR by a CFO
  • Best IR by a CEO
  • Most progress in IR
  • Best financial reporting
  • Best use of technology
  • Best investor meetings
  • Best corporate governance
  • Best sustainability practice
  • Best in country
  • Grand prix for best overall investor relations

The points breakdown has been compiled in the benchmarking datasheet, available free to professional subscribers, allowing you to perform peer analysis by market cap, sector, industry and country on each of the ranked companies.


How to order

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