Investor Perception Study ‒ US 2016

Apr 01, 2016
<ul><li>Comprehensive directory and analysis of the best-performing American companies</li><li>Rankings for 342 companies in a range of categories</li><li>Based on a survey of over 612 buy side and sell side respondents</li></ul>

This report features interactive features like videos and page links. For these to work effectively, the report needs to be downloaded to your computer - this may take a few minutes - and opened in Adobe Acrobat

Benchmarking and peer analysis

In total, 342 American companies across a range of sectors and market caps have been ranked in this year’s investor perception study. For each company there is a points breakdown for the following categories:

  • Grand prix for best overall investor relations
  • Best investor relations professional
  • Best IR by a CFO
  • Best IR by a CEO
  • Most progress in IR
  • Best financial reporting
  • Best use of technology & social media
  • Best investor meetings
  • Best corporate governance
  • Best IR in a corporate transaction
  • Best IR for an IPO
  • Best IR by a non-US company

What the investment community thinks

Buy-side analysts and portfolio managers were surveyed to identify their views on the following topics:

  • Corporate governance
  • Shareholder activism
  • Engagement satisfaction
  • Meeting board members
  • Absent management
  • Sustainability

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