Top brokers and cities named in roadshow report

Sep 27, 2013
<p>The <em>IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2013</em> is out</p>

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We’ve just published the IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2013, our annual investigation into global roadshow practices, which this year is based on a survey of more than 800 IROs.

There is a ton of information in the report, sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML), on frequency, locations, brokers, and much more. Below, I’ve picked out five key findings.

1. Most used broker: in the survey, we asked respondents to say which brokers they had gone on the road with over the last year. By totting up the results, we can see which brokers are used the most. BofAML comes out on top globally, as well as in the North American and Asian regions. Deutsche Bank, however, is the most used broker in Europe. 

2. Favorite roadshow: we also asked which broker hosted the most impressive roadshow. Here, Barclays Capital picks up the most mentions, followed by BofAML and Credit Suisse.

3. Boston on the up: this year, Boston moves into second place in the list of most visited cities, edging London into third place. New York remains the most visited location, with 79.8 percent of respondents going on the road in the Big Apple at some point in the preceding year. 

4. HK’s staying power: while Singapore saw more visits than Hong Kong, respondents stay for longer in the Chinese city. The average number of roadshow days spent in Singapore is 2.2, compared with 3.2 in Hong Kong.

5. I *heart* roadshows: across all regions and cap sizes, a majority of respondents say roadshows are more rewarding than other types of investor event, such as investor conferences and investor days. Mega-caps are the most keen, with 49 percent saying they prefer roadshows to other activities.

You can follow this link to download the full IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2013

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