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Sep 30, 2015
Research report: the pros and cons of cross-border shareholders
Companies are increasingly looking outside of their domestic financial markets for investors in order to diversify their shareholder base but... what prompts companies to do so? How has this trend progressed in recent years? And what will companies' shareholdings look like in the future? These are just some of the questions posed by our latest survey into cross-border investing, as part of our Global IR Survey. We...Read more
Jul 13, 2015
Research Report: Macroeconomics 2015
IR Magazine looks at the key macroeconomic topics the IR community discussed with investors last year. As part of IR Magazine’s annual global investor relations surveys, in Q1 this year we asked IR practitioners what were the key macroeconomic topics that they had discussed with investors over the previous 12 months. With 649 responses to this question, the results are looked at by overall respondents as...Read more
Jun 12, 2015
Research report: Senior Management and investor relations
The quality of senior management is crucial to the investor perception of a company. We know how important senior management is to investor relations. But the question remains: how important is investor relations to senior management? In our latest survey we asked specific questions to respondents who identified themselves as members of C-level management. Those responses form the basis of this report, providing...Read more
Apr 30, 2015
Research Report: IR challenges 2015
Each year, as part of our Global Investor Relations Survey, we ask members of the IR community what they consider to be the main investor relations challenges of the previous year. With 753 responses to this question in Q1, we look at which challenges – from finding long-term small-cap investment to weak commodity prices and finding time for an overseas non-deal roadshow – most affected the global IR community in...Read more
Oct 08, 2014
Special Report: Corporate Reporting 2014
Find out the current trends and best practice in corporate reporting in the second issue of IR Magazine ’s new series of targeted reports on key investor relations topics. Contents include: SUSTAINABILITY: The pros and cons of the IRRC’s integrated reporting framework TRENDS: Five innovative trends in corporate reporting RESEARCH: Analysis of IR Magazine’s IRO survey into the uses and value of social media...Read more
Aug 06, 2014
Special Report: Corporate Access 2014
Keep up to date on the current state of corporate access in the first issue of IR Magazine ’s new series of targeted reports on key investor relations topics. Contents include: OVERVIEW: A breakdown of corporate access activities by region and market cap RESEARCH: Analysis of IR Magazine ’s in-depth IRO survey on corporate access services, meeting practices, and more TECHNOLOGY: A profile of new...Read more
Jun 16, 2014
Research section: Education and investor relations
It’s commonly accepted that there is no set route to becoming an IRO: anecdotal evidence suggests many in the profession come from diverse starting points, be they financial qualifications, on-the-job training or industry-specific university degrees. Though there are many different starting points, there are several skill sets and personal characteristics that lend themselves to the profession, and other attributes...Read more
May 26, 2014
IR challenges: macroeconomics a bigger concern in 2014
Investor-related challenges top 2014 list but macroeconomic concerns grow in size. Macroeconomic IR challenges are the only area of concern to have grown during 2014, with almost a fifth (18 percent) of investor relations professionals naming this area as their top challenge, according to research by IR Magazine . Click here to download the full six-page Research Report: IR challenges . Investor-related...Read more
Apr 16, 2014
Research section: Thoughts on the capital markets
IROs believe things are looking up in the investment markets. There’s one frustration all researchers share: when a client or someone you are reporting to dismisses the value of your findings because those findings conform to his or her expectations. ‘Tell me something I don’t already know!’ he or she might exclaim, to which our reply would be (if we were brave enough), ‘We have: before, you thought it;...Read more
Mar 26, 2014
Cap-size research: No small numbers
Investigating the source of small-cap companies’ biggest challenges. Around 18 months ago I attended the IR Magazine winter think tank in London. One of the sessions addressed the issue of dealing with sell-side analysts , and much of the conversation focused on having too many analysts and whether the market could be better informed about a company if that firm had fewer analysts covering it. I remember...Read more
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