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Beyond ESG – an integrated approach to governance, investing and regulation
This new report from Morrow Sodali argues for an integrated approach that combines environmental, social and governance issues together with traditional financial and accounting metrics. It sets out 6 ways that this approach avoids common pitfalls , including: avoiding strategy silos avoiding “zero-sum” thinking that pits ESG against traditional accounting and financial metrics avoiding pitting...Read more
Redefining company purpose in the age of ESG
This new report from S&P Global sets out statistics and analysis on key areas of ESG for IR, covering: Key topics to evaluate in your annual ESG materiality assessments Identifying gaps between investors’ ideal reports and actual company metrics Managing expectations on measuring Scope 3 emissions Reporting climate risk...Read more
The ultimate guide to investor targeting
Atop the list of priorities for modern IR teams are finding right-fit investors for the business. There are many ways and tools to find investor names and profiles, but part of a strong targeting strategy is what you say in that meeting, and how you present your company, your story and your financials to close the deal. Irwin has compiled all of the very best resources...Read more
Is your ESG journey driving value creation?
This report from Corbin Advisors offers statistics and analysis on: investors' views on companies with an integrated ESG strategy tips from best-in-class firms how to ensure your ESG strategy involves continuous improvement, looking ahead to future risks and opportunities three ways to differentiate your ESG program to drive value creation...Read more
The opportunity of a net-zero economy
This briefing from Moody's sets out research, analysis and new approaches about the economic benefits and importance of the transition to a climate-resilient, zero-carbon economy. With information about new data and topics that investors are assessing for climate risks when making their investment choices, and more, download this useful short report today . Please complete the form below with the...Read more
Your virtual investor day checklist
Are you fully prepared for your virtual investor day? Best practices for creating a truly refined investor event are continuing to evolve. But increasingly, these practices center on how to deliver an event that is engaging, informative and memorable, using all the features that virtual meetings have to offer. Implementing virtual does not mean merely transferring your physical event checklist to virtual...Read more
How to identify, engage and nurture short-term holders into long-term holders
With the ever changing landscape of technology, supply chains and business practices, it has become more important than ever to discover, understand, and communicate with your shareholders. In this piece presented by SRAX, explore how you can: Identify: the people behind the curtain - tips for discovering investors Engage: breaking the ice and forming bonds - best forms of outreach...Read more
Why the Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) matters?
Pitfalls of non-compliance With SRD II regulations now firmly established in most European countries, intermediaries potentially face severe penalties for breaching shareholder identification rules under SRD II. However, with good planning and the right partners, not only can penalties be completely avoided, but intermediaries may improve their levels of client service through strong compliance...Read more
Embarking on your ESG journey - a five-step engagement process
In this article, DFIN discusses how having strong ESG performance is one thing – but getting credit for that performance requires that you tell your story very effectively. It sets out the ways in which failure to disclose a coherent ESG strategy can mean companies are penalized and how you can expect this, including becoming a target for activist investors, and more. It offers: Frequently asked questions...Read more
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