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US investor views on international corporate access
This new report sets out key findings of BNY Mellon's recent study asking US-based buy-side professionals for their persectives on corporate access. Download it below for statistics and analysis on: The importance of corporate access for investment decision-making Investors' expectations for how outreach will evolve following the Covid-19 pandemic The importance of ESG considerations The...Read more
ESG: How the sell side, buy side and corporations are navigating
This new report from Cowen offers insights on the developing ESG landscape, including: Statistics and analysis on the impact of ESG on investors' decisions How ESG is increasingly related to risk Top three strategies for ESG, including how to proactively engage the buy side and sell side Download it below now. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in...Read more
ESG: Threading the needle between disclosure and action
This new report from Solebury Trout looks at recent developments in ESG and sets out: How to avoid green-washing, over-disclosure and sand traps How to improve risk management, remain competitive and create additional long-term value for shareholders and other key stakeholders Five steps to control your own ESG destiny Download it below today Please complete the form below with the information...Read more
The state of virtual and hybrid investor conferences, 2021
As financial firms begin to plan for future investor events, OpenExchange has taken the pulse of conference organizers across sell-side banks and stock exchanges to understand how they are viewing and planning for an investor conference future. The majority of respondents from the world’s top financial institutions expect 75 percent of investor conferences to be completely virtual in the second half...Read more
Navigating the sustainability odyssey
Each year, Emperor reviews the first 25 corporate reporting suites of the FTSE 350 to be released, to identify key themes. This report sets out their findings, assessing over 50 metrics to identify the key reporting trends of the moment, understand how disclosure is changing, and highlight examples of best practice. This year there is a particular focus on sustainability. The report includes: How sustainability is...Read more
Irwin case study: Western New England Bancorp
Learn how WNEB uses Irwin's integrated suite of investor targeting, monitoring, and CRM capabilities to better manage their investor relations program. This report looks at the top three challenges that Western New England Bancorp, Inc. were experiencing with their IR program, and the streamlined and centralized solution that helped them to better manage all their IR data and the impact of their IR program as a...Read more
TCFD: A valuable tool for IROs
According to this new report from S&P Global, backing for The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) reporting recommendations has significantly surpassed initial expectations, with the number of supporting companies exceeding 1,500 in 2020 – more than five times that in 2017. This is expected to accelerate further, with major financial market participants including BlackRock and the Canada...Read more
ESG Disclosures - Your ESG journey guided by our 5-step engagement
When competing for capital with others around the globe, one powerful way to distinguish yourself is with a carefully crafted ESG message. IROs often have questions about where to start, what matters most and what should be disclosed at the web-site, the proxy, 10-K and other channels. To answer these questions, DFIN, along with their sustainability reporting partners the Governance & Accountability Institute (G...Read more
Investor day roadmap guide
When well-executed, an investor day can attract the right audience to your stock, increase investor support, and drive valuation. Q4's Investor Day Guide provides valuable insights on the critical strategic and logistical steps IROs need to take to deliver a successful investor day. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive or be taken to the...Read more
European IR: Investor relations in turbulent times
This e-book offers a thorough briefing on maintaining strong investor engagement as well as identifying new investors in challenging times, with a particular focus on European companies. It offers best practice tips, resources and statistics on a range of key issues, including: Statistics and analysis on assessing the current landscape of investors, by geography and type Ways to use technology to actively maintain...Read more
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