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TSX and the North American capital solution
According to this new report from Toronto Stock Exchange, both the IPO and Spac markets in Canada and the US are very active at the moment. It looks at why dual listings work so well, with analysis on: Access to investors Increased research coverage Increased liquidity through seamless North American clearing Download it below. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you...Read more
Virtual? Let’s get real
This new report from Broadridge provides strategies and best practices to implement a winning virtual shareholder meeting in 2021. It also includes statistics to benchmark how the industry has responded to virtual meetings. Download it below. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive or be taken to the report. We need this...Read more
Proxy season field guide
The 2021 proxy season occurs in an environment of heightened shareholder activism and an ever-increasing focus on compensation and corporate governance disclosures. This proxy season field guide provides you with an overview of recent legislative, regulatory and shareholder developments, and provides guidance on how these developments will impact you in the 2021 proxy season. It includes useful resources: a...Read more
Video for meetings that matter
OpenExchange drives digital innovation for public and private companies that need market-leading expertise to manage virtual meetings and events. Their advanced video technology and video experts connect companies, investors, analysts, and investment banks with secure, sophisticated, reliable interconnected video and streaming services, bridging technology gaps across diverse video conferencing systems. Download...Read more
Virtual events: Before, during, and after
From simple webcasting to full virtual and hybrid events, Cramer has done them all. There are many different formats for virtual meetings and events, but they all have the same keys to success. Here are some best practices from Cramer's team of strategy, creative, and production experts. Download the report below. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled...Read more
Why materiality assessments matter
In this new report from Goby, find out the benefits that completing a materiality assessment could have for your company. Companies can use this process to identify the most important ESG issues through criteria that include sustainability drivers, strategic business goals, and stakeholder perspectives. Download it below to find out more. Please complete the form below with the information...Read more
2021 AGM Season forecast: Successful annual meetings
This new report from EQ is designed to help you prepare for 2021's annual meeting season. Some of the key themes covered in this straightforward resource are: Regulatory changes in 2021 and how should companies prepare? What ESG developments will shareholders be asking questions about this year? Executive compensation top tips to help you tackle this thorny issue Download it below for practical...Read more
Sentieo Trendbook for IR Teams: 21 Transcript Trends to Watch in 2021
This new report from Sentieo identifies 21 important trends in corporate conference calls to monitor in 2021 across a range of topics, including: Climate change Sustainability Hydrogen Wage increases And much more. Identifying key language ensures IR messaging is aligned with both broad trends, and with industry-specific developments. In this guide, the trends are listed along with a representative CEO quote for...Read more
Sustainability spurs investment: Public company case study
This new report from IHS Markit offers a case study of Ball Corporation, a well-established industrials leader that was seeking to amplify its outreach strategy to attract additional investment from ESG-focused investors. It sets out the specific strategies and measuring methodologies used to undertake this task. Download this report today to find out tips and analysis to inform your targeting and outreach...Read more
Eliminate blindspots with an alert-driven research workflow
Investor Relations (IR) professionals are under tremendous pressure to stay on top of all of the benchmark messaging, peer moves, and market trends that could inform a change in strategy or response to ad hoc management and investor requests. To eliminate blindspots that can impact company performance and investor confidence - not just during earnings season but year round - many IROs and their teams are...Read more
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