Case studies

Stewardship is eating your world
What is Investment Stewardship? As Vanguard puts succinctly, investment stewardship is “the ways that asset managers/asset owners care for the assets entrusted to them by investors/beneficiaries.” This new report from Glass Lewis examines stewardship - what it is, how they assert it's changing markets, why they say it puts investor relations professionals and corporate secretaries on the frontlines...Read more
Mar 27, 2019
Board Diversity report
Based on responses from more than 650 IR professionals and more than 200 members of the investment community, Board Diversity is an analysis of how investors and IROs relate to the subject of diversity at board level. The report breaks down the data by region, market cap size and job title. The report looks in detail at the following issues for IR: What are the key drivers for board diversity? How...Read more
Dec 04, 2018
Outsourcing IR 2018
Based on responses from almost 600 IR professionals and senior management members, Outsourcing IR is a comprehensive study into the use of external services by IR teams. The report examines what areas of IR practice are commonly outsourced, the money spent on these services and the satisfaction with them. By downloading this report you will learn: The outsourcing levels for 13 key areas of IR...Read more
Jun 27, 2018
IR objectives and challenges report
Based on responses from almost 600 IR professionals and senior management members, IR Objectives & Challenges examines top IR goals for 2018, from investor targeting to gathering feedback or increasing research coverage, as well as the key issues the community has been grappling with over the past year. The report breaks down the data by region, cap size and sector, and offers verbatim comments from...Read more
Mar 15, 2018
Global IR Practice: IR Resources
IR Magazine investigates the team size, team structure and budgets of investor relations departments globally through a survey of more than 1,100 IR professionals. Key benefits Learn about the size and structure of IR teams around the world Benchmark your IR budget against other companies Find out how much IR teams spend on external services View results broken down by region (North America, Europe and...Read more
How private companies raise equity: A guide to a rapidly evolving landscape
This eBook from IR Magazine and sponsored by Computershare describes what is involved in raising capital as a private entity and the various options for meeting requirements as painlessly as possible. Historically, companies went public because becoming a fully reporting company and listing on a major exchange constituted the best way for them to raise the equity capital they needed. Today, that’s no...Read more
The self-sufficient IRO
In today’s increasingly complex global markets, IROs can find it challenging just to stay on top of activity in their stock. The growth of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), passive investing, cross-border investing and high-frequency trading (HFT), combined with greater volatility, have made it increasingly difficult to track and monitor ownership. To meet these challenges, IROs need to think beyond traditional...Read more
Identifying and understanding FTSE 350 IR best practice
In light of the upcoming MiFID II regulatory changes, Orient Capital interviewed 10% of the FTSE 350 with the aim of gathering intelligence on the overall investor relations landscape; best practice, challenges and possible implications. This report presents their findings, which aim to provide insights into the increasing importance of the IR function and the growing amount of support required to run and manage a...Read more
REIT conversion analysis
According to Ipreo’s latest report, the price performance and investor composition of four recent real estate investment trust (REIT) conversions – AMT, IRM, CCI and EQIX – show the tendency for the stock to outperform and have an influx of new REIT-dedicated investors after announcing the conversion to REIT status. With thorough case studies of these four companies, this report will help you to understand some of...Read more
Mar 22, 2017
An introduction to IR services
While IR has grown as a profession over the last 20 years, it remains a small team within most corporations. That adds special importance to the role of IR service providers: they help IROs get more done, make the most of limited resources and punch above their weight. For IR professionals considering their options, the choice has grown more complex thanks to technological innovation among IR firms. This report is...Read more
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