Corporate Access

Apr 04, 2022
Earnings Calls report
Co-sponsored by MessageBank and OpenExchange IR Magazine ’s Earnings Calls report examines company practice and investor engagement in earnings calls. Findings in this report are based on data from the IR Magazine Global IR Survey conducted from Q4 2021 to Q1 2022 and the IR Magazine Global Investor Survey conducted in Q4 2021. By downloading this report, you will learn...Read more
State of enterprise video
Too often, enterprise video viewing patterns are conflated with personal video usage. OpenExchange felt it was important to co-sponsor research with Streaming Media that would look specifically at how video is used in business and professional contexts. OpenExchange’s report focused on over 300 Streaming Media readers to reveal how important virtual corporate events like conferences,...Read more
The practical guide to a successful virtual investor day
OpenExchange is the leading partner to global banks in hosting and managing virtual investor conferences. Through leveraging their close relationships with IROs around the world and their first-hand experience executing thousands of virtual events for financial industry clients throughout the pandemic, they’ve put together an ebook that covers tips, guidance, and recommendations to plan the perfect...Read more
Producing virtual events: A guide
From selecting the right location and choosing speakers, to procuring the necessary equipment and attracting guests, flawlessly executing events is a team effort, with numerous components to juggle at once. From the virtual climate brought on by the pandemic, we’ve learned that a virtual approach can streamline the process and alleviate potential issues for organizers, talent, speakers and guests alike. Brought to...Read more
What delivers the best outcomes in IR?
This new report from OpenExchange looks at the development of technology for IR events, examining: The importance of flawless execution of virtual events How can IR teams use the advantages of virtual formats to increase the engagement, reach and impact of their events? Key questions to consider when choosing a virtual meeting platform and production partner Download it below! Please complete the...Read more
Dec 01, 2021
Global Roadshow Report 2021
Sponsored by Bank of America (BofA Securities) The IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2021 is our 12th annual research report into the who, how and why of corporate roadshow activity. Findings are based on a survey of 615 IR professionals worldwide. Five key benefits of this report Compare your roadshow activity with your regional, market cap and sector peers. Find out...Read more
Perspectives series: Virtual investor days
This eBook from IHS Markit provides insights on how COVID-19 has impacted corporate access, covering: what steps can be taken to ensure that stakeholder needs are met in this new environment the role that virtual investor days will play as a critical communication tool and best practices for hosting these events market perspectives on management access, Q&A, supporting materials and more. Download this...Read more
The state of virtual and hybrid investor conferences 2021
As the leading partner to global banks in hosting and managing virtual investor conferences, OpenExchange is working with conference organizers to define the post-pandemic landscape of investor events. In their recent report, they surveyed conference organizers, presenters and attendees to fully capture how they view the future of investor conferences. Some highlights of the report include: how...Read more
The state of virtual and hybrid investor conferences, 2021
As financial firms begin to plan for future investor events, OpenExchange has taken the pulse of conference organizers across sell-side banks and stock exchanges to understand how they are viewing and planning for an investor conference future. The majority of respondents from the world’s top financial institutions expect 75 percent of investor conferences to be completely virtual in the second half...Read more
Jun 07, 2021
Corporate Access report
Sponsored by Q4 IR Magazine ’s Corporate Access report examines the logistics of engagement between companies and the investment community and how this has changed in recent years. Findings in this report are based on data from the IR Magazine Global IR Survey conducted in Q1 2021 and the IR Magazine Global Investor Survey conducted in Q4 2020. By downloading this report, you will...Read more
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