Investor targeting series: How they do it at StarHub

Nov 02, 2017
Sell-side conversations and analysis of peer group holdings at core of Singaporean telecoms group’s targeting strategy

In the second of our targeting Q&As, we speak with Jeannie Ong, chief strategic partnership officer at Singapore telecoms firm StarHub. As part of her role, she is responsible for building the company’s reputation across investor relations, corporate communications and corporate sustainability.

How do you plan your roadshow activity over the year?

We refer to our regular share registry analysis (SRAs) reports to understand where the majority of our shareholders are based and make it a point to be in their region/country at least once a year. For instance, we would be in Hong Kong in March and again in September annually for two marquee investor conferences. We would also travel to Europe and to the US at least annually, if not twice a year.

How do you identify new investors to target?

Using our regular SRAs to compare ourselves against our peers in the FTSE ST Telecommunications Index, we have a good idea of which funds have invested in our peers, but not in us. We can then specifically contact them for a meeting when we know that we are going to be in their home country.

Do you rely on brokers to support your targeting efforts?

The other targeting avenue we explore is via regular conversations with the sell-side analysts, corporate access staff or the equity sales folks. As they are on the road a lot more than us, they would have the latest intelligence on what the global and regional funds are looking for or investing in.

What are the main targeting challenges you face?

It is always a challenge for the senior management team to balance its heavy work schedule between operational duties and meeting investors. But once it has recognized the importance and value of keeping the investment community abreast of the company’s businesses, it is then IR’s job to make the best use of [the senior management team’s] time away. Regardless of how we engage with investors, we have a common goal: uphold the best corporate governance standards possible and communicate what we are doing effectively.

How do you typically approach meetings with new investors?

We spend a lot of time educating new investors and keeping them up to speed with the latest developments in our industry as well as our operations. It is not uncommon for me to have multiple conference calls with new investors, even in the wee hours of our morning.

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