Audio articles: IR Magazine summer 2018

Jun 19, 2018
IR Magazine subscribers can now listen to as well as read the latest in IR

Don’t have time to read all the longer features in your new copy of IR Magazine? Or simply want to listen to the latest in IR trends? A selection of features from each print magazine are chosen to be made available as audio articles – so if you’re a subscriber, simply click on the article below and look for the SoundCloud file. You can then stream or download the article of your choice.

Spotify plays new IR tune
Taking companies public via direct listing is likely an option for a limited audience. But Spotify has laid down an IR track – including a live-streamed investor day – that those following may have to sample. Ben Maiden reports


Artificial intelligence: Is the future of IR here? 
Garnet Roach looks at how intelligent robots and algorithms are affecting the profession, and what IROs can expect to see from the technology down the line

Robo-reporting the earnings release
The number of earnings releases covered by news outlets has recently increased from hundreds to thousands, with news agencies aided by robo-reporters. Ben Ashwell investigates the pros and cons for IR 

Becoming multimedia-savvy 
IR teams haven’t always taken advantage of multimedia technology – but their days as tech agnostics may be running out, as Andrew Holt discovers

Mifid II shifts IR’s tech equation 
From corporate access platforms to shareholder ID surveillance, technology is there to help IR teams improve their productivity – and free up time for more value-added activities. Andrew Holt reports


Tales from Toronto: Mifid II and ETFs
More than 60 IR professionals braved the snow in early February to gather for the IR Magazine Forum – Canada 

Disrupters prepare for disruption
In Palo Alto, some of the world’s most innovative companies are preparing for a slate of new IR challenges. Ben Ashwell listened in on their discussions at the IR Magazine Think Tank – West Coast


Getting to grips with MAR
Candice de Monts-Petit examines the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation, which requires companies to produce up-to-date insider lists and disclose director share transactions, among other things 


Hong Kong’s road to independence
Governance and board independence in Asia have long been brought into question, but one major investor is pushing to make boards in Hong Kong truly independent. Andrew Holt and Garnet Roach report

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