First IR apps for ASX companies released

Nov 01, 2013
<p>Cardno&rsquo;s Android and iOS-enabled app one of Australia&rsquo;s first in IR</p>

A professional infrastructure environmental services company has become one of the first Australian listed companies to release a dedicated IR app available on both Android and iOS.

The IR team at Cardno – which helps to design and manage sustainable projects and community programs around the world – has claimed it is the first Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed company to have a dedicated app of this kind.

The software allows mobile and tablet users to access a broad range of company information, including archived video and audio presentations, company announcements and stock quotes. Push alerts and notifications will also alert users to when there is new information available to them, and allows shareholders to contact Cardno’s IR team with one click.

Cardno IR app splash page
Source: Cardno

The firm’s CFO, Graham Yerbury, has said he and his team are hoping to continue developing the app to remain at the cutting edge of trends in shareholder communications. Though Australia remains a little behind other countries in terms of smartphone uptake, the number of users is growing quickly.

‘More than 10 mn Australians now own a smartphone, and they are demanding information be delivered to them via their mobile device,’ Yerbury explains. ‘As such, the introduction of an IR-focused communications tool for mobile phones was a no-brainer for Cardno. We expect the app will very quickly be an essential element of our investor relations offering.’

Yerbury also asserts that uses of the app will go beyond IR, and that it could be used to further Cardno’s corporate message in a wider sense.

‘We think the app will not only be well received by Cardno shareholders, but also by our directors and employees, journalists, fund managers, analysts, stockbrokers and basically anyone who follows the Cardno business,’ he says.

Cardno’s IR app is one of the first to be released by an ASX-listed company, after Iluka Resources – a zinc specialist mining company – released one for iOS-enabled devices earlier this month. Iluka’s app provides general information for investors but without the facility for listening to or watching archived earnings calls or meetings. The app’s creators, however, have promised ‘further enhancements’ will be made over the coming months.

Cardno itself recently hit the headlines after acquiring American structural engineering firm Haynes Whaley Associates in a deal worth $22.3 mn. The deal extended the Australian firm’s reach across the world: it now has operations in 40 US states, Africa, Malaysia and Singapore.

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