IR and the future of news technology: An IR Magazine Webinar

Jun 08, 2017
<p>What the evolution of news technology means for IROs</p>

With around 500 mn tweets being added to the daily flow of news, it can be a challenge to isolate the media content that will impact investors’ views of your company. 

That’s why on Thursday, June 15, 2017, IR Magazine will bring together a panel of experts for a short, sharp and insightful 30-minute webinar titled: The future of news technology & what it means for you as an IRO.

IR Magazine editor Tim Human will be joined by Ellen Braitman, news specialist and former Bloomberg TV anchor, and James Rubec, analyst and product marketing manager at Cision Global Insights, to discuss trends in news automation, the latest in news and social media analytics, and what to do when news and Twitter sentiment turns negative – and won’t go away.

Click here to sign up for this free webinar or to listen back to any you’ve missed, such as a look at digital trends that drive investor engagement, what Mifid II means for IROs or how to save time and add value to the C-suite.

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