Fund manager interview: Andrew Lynch, Schroders (part 1/4)

Aug 02, 2010
<p>Lynch gives his assessment of how well IR officers in Europe are performing</p>

Andrew Lynch, fund manager at Schroders, discusses the qualities that make exceptional IR professionals. According to Lynch, Emmett Harrison of Swedish Match has recently been very helpful in communicating the impact of tax rises on the tobacco industry.

In this segment, Lynch also talks about how changes in bank capital adequacy ratios have been communicated to investors. Both investors and banks have been fumbling in the dark on this topic, he notes.

This is part one of a four-part interview. The other parts cover:
Part two: How IR practices differ across Europe
Part three: What investors want from corporate reporting 
Part four: Investor relations and technology

A written version of the interview is available to read here. 

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