Board Diversity report now available

Mar 27, 2019

The latest report from IR Magazine is an analysis of how IR relates to the issue of board diversity. Based on responses from more than 650 IR professionals and more than 200 investors, the report breaks down the data by region, cap size and job title.

This report looks at what the key drivers are for board diversity and how interested investors are – or are perceived to be – in diversity issues. The report also examines how companies are engaged in board diversity and how IROs and investors communicate about it.

Key findings

  • Less than half of companies globally have a board diversity policy on their website.
  • Fewer than four in 10 companies set targets for increasing board diversity.
  • Women either lead or have led the finance team at 45 percent of companies.
  • The key driver for increasing board diversity is internal pressure. The most important external factor is public perception.
  • Just over a third of IROs have received diversity questions from investors in the past year.
  • Three in 10 investors have queried companies about board diversity in the past year.
  • Generally, investors are not particularly interested in diversity issues when making investment decisions.
  • Despite their lack of interest in general, investors are broadly aware of the value of board diversity and the increasing importance of this issue.
  • IROs’ perception of investor interest in diversity issues is broadly in tune with the actual recorded interest of investors.


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