Former IRO Andrew Apedoe on setting a new leadership tone

Jun 14, 2014
<p>Video interview backstage at the IR Magazine Awards - Canada 2014</p>

Andrew Apedoe won best investor relations officer (small cap), a fitting cap to his highly praised stint as head of IR for the Churchill Corporation, a Calgary, Alberta-based construction company. He had left Churchill in December 2013 and is now CEO of Xito Capital Partners in Calgary. Churchill has since changed its name to Stuart Olson. 

Apedoe talks about coping through a time of transition after Churchill split with its former CEO in mid-2012. With a new leadership team in place, Apedoe helped set a new tone with investors – one that was conservative and realistic. 

Having been ranked highly in recent years for both the IRO and grand prix categories, Apedoe lists some of the secrets to his success: he’s highly approachable, he’s proactive in reaching out to the Street, and he has a good rapport with the sell side. ‘I always try to give as much insight and transparency into the company as I possibly can without going over the line and disclosing non-public information,’ he says. 

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