IR veterans launch Compass Investor Relations

Aug 01, 2013
<p>Strategy focusing on &lsquo;clarity, credibility, consistency and compliance&rsquo;</p>

Four agency professionals with a combined 40 years’ IR experience have set up Compass Investor Relations, a new California-based consultancy.

Mark Collinson, Roger Ellis, Elaine Ketchmere and Mabel Zhang, who offer IR and financial communications, have worked together for the past eight years at CCG Investor Relations, during which time they provided IR services for ‘senior exchange IPOs with market capitalizations totaling several billion dollars’ as well as ‘more than 20’ companies’ upgrade to a senior exchange,’ according to a press statement.

Ketchmere, who was a partner at CCG as well as chief operating officer, has ‘particular experience’ with newly listed companies, ‘having overseen the promotion of dozens of micro-cap companies from the OTC markets to a senior exchange.’ In addition to her IR experience, she served as a research analyst for 10 years.

Collinson has offered his IR skills to more than 50 firms and overseen eight senior exchange IPOs. In addition to his nine years as an IR adviser, he has experience as a strategist and management consultant and almost 20 years’ experience as a banker and private equity investor.

Ellis brings 16 years’ corporate management experience to the firm, as well as his 13 years in IR. During that time he organized more than 2,000 non-deal roadshow meetings and also specialized in investor perception studies, according to Compass Investor Relations.

Zhang, who is fluent in Mandarin, will focus on media operations, and will work out of the Bay Area. Ketchmere will be based in Los Angeles along with Ellis, while Collinson will work out of Orange County.

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