IROs invited to disclose their creative side

Nov 15, 2013
<p>First ever calendar competition to showcase IROs&rsquo; best artwork and photography</p>

IROs, securities lawyers and corporate secretaries are invited to share their creative talents with the world in the first ever SEC calendar and art/photography contest, hosted by Vintage Filings.

The contest – entitled Disclose Your Creative Side – is searching for the most artistically minded IROs and other professionals to submit their photography or art for inclusion in a full-color wall calendar. Entries will then be scrutinized by a panel of ‘celebrity’ judges from the industry.

IROs can submit any kind of artwork they have produced, says Bradley Smith, director of marketing at PR Newswire and Vintage Filings. He expects most entries to come in the form of photographs, though adds that entrants are invited to send in photos of paintings, drawings, pottery or even textiles, including knitted garments.

‘Many of us have shot that one great photo, built beautiful furniture, painted wonderful landscapes or even knit a fantastic sweater, but we don’t have many opportunities to share our efforts,’ says Smith. ‘We invite the issuer community to disclose a hidden talent and enjoy the recognition of its peers. I am excited to see what creativity is disclosed by IR and compliance professionals.’

In addition to the artwork adjudged to be the finest the issuer community has to offer, the final calendar will highlight key industry dates, including SEC and regulatory filing dates, earnings periods and major industry events.

In order to fuel the community feeling surrounding the project, submissions will be judged by a number of industry leaders, including:

  • Jeffrey Morgan, CEO of NIRI 
  • Mary Beth Kissane senior director of WalekPeppercomm 
  • Broc Romanek, editor of 
  • Paula Dubberly, former deputy director at the SEC 

Once printed, the calendar will be made available for free at industry events and meetings.

‘There’s no ulterior motive behind this other than allowing our industry to blow off a little creative steam and have some fun,’ explains Smith. ‘Every year, we produce an SEC deadline calendar, but rather than print up a 2014 calendar of bland or uninspired clip art, we’re inviting industry professionals to submit their own artwork.’

All artwork for the competition must be submitted here by December 7, 2013. Entrants are advised they can send up to five individual pieces, and that art should be sent as a high-resolution JPEG file.

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