Monthly poll: IROs are poles apart on IR education

Jun 03, 2016
<p>Sixty-one percent of respondents see some importance in IR education</p>

Our latest online poll asked readers: how important is an IR certification for your career development? And it turns out the question divides opinions.

A rounded total of 61 percent of respondents say an IR certification is at least somewhat important to their career development, while 30 percent say IR certification is ‘very important’.

At 39 percent, however, the single biggest response sees readers state that IR certification programs are ‘not at all important’ (see chart below). Seventeen percent say such programs are ‘somewhat important’ and 13 percent say IR certification is ‘important’.

The result comes as the first round of professionals to have passed the NIRI inaugural Investor Relations Charter exam prepare to be honored at next week’s annual NIRI conference. Other well-known IR certification programs include the Certificate in Investor Relations from the UK’s IR Society and Dirk’s Certified Investor Relations Officer program. 

Download our special report on the various certification programs available to IROs.

How important is IR certification for your career development? 

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