Much more from the red carpet

Apr 02, 2015
<p>Alliance Data, Duke Energy, Enterprise Products, GE, Sherwin-Williams and Silicon Motion</p>

Tiffany Louder, Alliance Data Systems’ director of IR and finance, and Shelley Widdon, vice president of corporate affairs, came to pick up the award for best IR by a CEO (mid-cap) on behalf of Ed Heffernan, president and CEO. The company was also nominated for best IR in the communications sector.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Duke Energy was nominated for best IR in the utilities sector. This video features Duke’s CFO, Steve Young, and Bill Currens, vice president of investor relations.

Michael Creel, CEO of Enterprise Products Partners, won best IR by a CEO (large cap), and the company was also nominated for the grand prix for best overall investor relations, best investor relations officer and best IR by a CFO (all large-cap awards), as well as best IR in the energy sector. Randy Burkhalter, head of IR for the Houston-based pipeline giant, came to New York to celebrate.

JoAnna Morris, IR director at General Electric since 1990, was presented with this year’s award for lifetime achievement in investor relations. It was also announced at the gala awards dinner that GE is ranked number one judged by relative performance during all 20 years of the IR Magazine Awards in the US.

Sherwin-Williams won best IR in the materials sector. Here IR head Bob Wells talks about how LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers make for great investor events.

Taiwan-based Silicon Motion won best IR by an Asia-Pacific company in the US market, an award it also carried off in 2013 on the strength of Jason Tsai, director of IR, a former sell-sider based in Silicon Valley.

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