NIRI New York president gets his own restaurant

Nov 16, 2011
<p>Find out how Bernie Kilkelly became a &lsquo;steakholder&rsquo; in a New York institution.</p>

Every October, legendary steakhouse Smith & Wollensky runs a promotion called ‘Your Name here’. Each day, a loyal customer is chosen to replace Smith throughout the restaurant. ‘Your Name’ takes top billing on matchboxes, napkins, signs and even the waiters’ jackets.

On October 27, 2011, that name was Kilkelly.

Bernie Kilkelly, vice president, investor relations at Delphi Financial Group and president of NIRI New York, was selected for that day’s honors. Guests of the prominent restaurant, some unwittingly, celebrated a leader in the investor relations community.

Investor relations professionals are, of course, accustomed to a certain degree of notoriety. It comes with having a role in the communications business. There’s a type of fame, however, that surpasses having your name on an 8-k or in an annual report.

So, what’s next? Ruth’s Stewart?

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