TD’s Rudy Sankovic on CEO succession, overseas marketing and trimming the team

Jun 13, 2014
<p>Video interview backstage at the IR Magazine Awards - Canada 2014</p>

TD has been the big winner at the Canadian IR Magazine Awards four years in a row. In 2014 the bank was shortlisted for a record 10 awards and won five: the grand prix for best overall IR (large cap), best IR by a CEO (large cap), best IR by a CFO (large cap), best financial reporting and best in the financial sector. 

Rudy Sankovic, TD’s senior VP of IR, gives a quick rundown of the IR program over the past year in this backstage interview at the Canada awards gala in Toronto. 

One big focus was CEO succession, with Ed Clark set to retire in late 2014, and  Sankovic discusses how TD’s IR activities have been focused on raising the profile of the internal CEO candidates as well as executives on the next rung down.  

The IR chief also explains how TD has been targeting overseas investors with marketing trips to the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. 

Finally, Sankovic addresses the challenge of doing more with less by trimming the IR team, being innovative and reducing the time senior management spends on IR trips. ‘Let’s get smaller but focus on our legendary customer service,’ he says. 

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