Two thirds see IR as a career in its own right

May 20, 2015
<p>IR seen as stepping-stone by barely a third of professionals&nbsp;</p>

When asked whether IROs primarily view investor relations as a career in its own right or as a path to further career opportunities, the majority say it’s a career in its own right.

Of those who identify investor relations as a channel to further career opportunities, almost half (48 percent) have ambitions to join senior management – either as the CFO or another member of the C-suite or board, according to the latest round of IR Magazine’s global investor relations survey. 

Globally, more than two thirds of IROs (68 percent) take this view – with more than 70 percent of respondents in both North America and Asia (72 percent and 71 percent, respectively) seeing IR as career in its own right. European IROs, on the other hand, are the most likely across each region – or market cap – to view IR as a path to another role, at 37 percent.

Across the different market caps, it is small-cap IROs who are most likely to see IR as a career in its own right, at 75 percent. This compares with IR professionals across mid, large and mega-cap companies, who largely share the same views on their investor relations career paths: between 34 percent and 36 percent view IR as a route to further career opportunities.

For IROs who view IR as a stepping-stone to other roles, almost a third (32 percent) have their sights set on the CFO’s office. More than a fifth (22 percent) see themselves moving into general financial management, followed by 16 percent looking to join the board or senior management.

A further 11 percent view IR as a path to a strategic position, while general management positions, communications roles and investment banking are each named by between 4 percent and 5 percent of respondents.

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