Corporate snapshots: Ping An

Nov 26, 2010
<p>An interview with Jin Shaoliang, head of IR</p>

Ping An has performed relatively well throughout 2010, the company’s three key business pillars, insurance, banking and investment, have outpaced the market as a whole, explains Jin Shaoliang, Ping An's head of IR. As of 26 November the company’s share price was 89.10 HKD.

This year also saw the completion of Ping An’s investment for a 29.99% equity stake in Shenzen Development Bank (SDB), with the union between Ping An Bank (PAB) and SDB due to be completed shortly.

From January to November Ping An conducted around 200 one-on-one meetings with investors, as well as about 60 conferences and roadshows.

‘Ping An’s goal is to become a world leading integrated financial services group. That is a goal that our investor relations work is fully aligned to,’ says Shaoliang.

The company’s approach to IR takes its inspiration from best practices found across the globe, and which Jin says, are in line with longer term development strategy, it recently took the step of bravely publishing the contact details of all its IR staff on its website.

The company holds an end of year review of its investor relations strategy in order to identify areas for improvement. Next year there are plans to put more emphasis on improving communications with retail and medium sized investors through a range of new initiatives.

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