How Anta Sports took pole position

Jan 30, 2018
A winning multimedia strategy for an 'overwhelming environment'

Mini-profile taken from the Award-Winning IR – Asia 2017 report details why Anta Sports won the best use of multimedia for IR award at the IR Magazine Awards – Greater China 2017

Anta Sports says its effectiveness in this area comes down to its understanding of ‘effective communication in modern times’. The firm says that, like life in general, the capital markets are moving at an ever-faster pace, and IR needs to be heard in what the company describes as an ‘overwhelming environment’ where ‘information accuracy, quality and timeliness’ are in high demand. 

Anta has responded to that challenge with a whole host of information options for investors, the public and other stakeholders. From live video webcasts of IR events to mini-sites, video infographics and even contact via messaging service WeChat, all of these channels boost Anta’s profile and help the firm – which operates across Greater China as well as the US – to ‘overcome geographic limitations in communications, and practice fair disclosure as much as possible’.

Commenting on the winning firm, the judges note Anta’s ‘successful plan using the right communication tools and multimedia channels to engage with all its stakeholders’.

And the Hong Kong-listed company says it sees the benefits of its ‘holistic communication initiative’ not only through positive feedback but also through activity on its communication channels, as well as IR queries about – and via – its online presence. As a result, as the investment community has increasingly found what it needs online, the IR team has been able to spend less time on frequently asked questions and focus on strategic topics.

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