Investor Perception Study: Asia 2011/2012

Dec 05, 2011
<p><strong>The comprehensive directory of investor relations in Greater China and South East Asia today</strong></p>

More than 300 buy-side and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers participated in this year’s survey to identify the best current exponents of investor relations in Asia.

The Investor Perception Study, Asia 2011/2012 is now available to order.

This year’s report is the most thorough of its kind ever produced. Indeed, it’s not just a report of the investor perception study to identify the winners of the IR Magazine Asia Awards 2011 but a comprehensive directory of investor relations in Greater China and South East Asia today.

It also launches the Asia IR Top 50 ranking of leading companies in investor relations in the region. Each of the top 50 companies is profiled and analyzed and in many cases their IROs and senior executives have been interviewed in depth.

The full-color report containing numerous charts, photos and illustrations provides answers to many important IR-related questions, including:

- Which companies are currently excelling at investor relations and why?

- Who are the IROs at Asia’s IR Top 50 companies? What size are their teams?

- What are the key improvements the investment community wants to see in Asian IR?

- How important is senior management access to investors and analysts?

As well as profiles of the highest-ranking companies in Asia, this 128-page report also contains comments from buy-side and sell-side analysts on corporate IR and on wider topical IR issues.

How to get your copy
The Investor Perception Study, Asia 2011/2012 costs $595 but is available free to all professional member subscribers to IR magazine.
If you upgrade to this subscription level now, you will have access to the Investor Perception Study, Asia 2011/2012, the Global IR Practice Report 2011 (published November 2011), the Global IR Practice Report 2012 (to be published in September 2012), all four regional investor perception studies published next year, and much more.

You can upgrade to professional-member level online or by downloading this order form. You can also purchase hard copies of the report by completing this order form. For further information or any other inquiries please contact Reece Tan at +44 20 8004 5337.

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