Monthly poll: IR Magazine readers vote Hillary

May 04, 2016
<p>Majority of online readers would like to see Hillary Clinton as next US president</p>

Who would you prefer to be the next US president? That was the question put to users of in our latest monthly poll – and Hillary Clinton has come top with 40 percent of the vote.

In second place is Donald Trump, taking 20 percent of the vote in our poll. The results come on the same day Trump wins the Republican nomination in all but name, after his victory in Indiana forced rival Ted Cruz to quit the race. Cruz received the least votes in our poll, with just 6.2 percent.

Ohio governor John Kasich, who had vowed to remain in the race as Trump’s only remaining primary competitor, pulled out after initial publication of our results. Kasich received 16.9 percent of the vote in our poll.

Bernie Sanders, who remains in the race against Clinton with a victory in Indiana’s Democratic race (though he trails Clinton in the delegate count), also claimed 16.9 percent of the vote in our poll.

The poll, which received 65 votes, was open to readers from across the globe, not just those eligible to vote in the US.

IR Magazine poll on the US election 

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