Research for IR Magazine’s Asia Awards will open soon

Mar 21, 2018
Names of buy-side and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers needed

The research survey for the IR Magazine Awards in Asia will begin soon, giving the industry the chance to weigh in on the best investor relations activity in the region. Analysts and portfolio managers will be voting for the companies, IROs and senior management members who have provided them with the best IR service.

To ensure all the buy-side and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers you currently deal with are invited to take part in the survey, please send an Excel file with their name, firm, direct telephone number and email address to [email protected] by Friday, April 13.

Any data you send us will be used only for the purpose of identifying the best current exponents of IR and surveying investment community views on IR topics. It will not be attributed to your company or to you, nor will it be passed on to any third parties. We will inform you as soon as the survey is under way and give you the opportunity to encourage the investors and analysts who cover your stock to take part.

The winning companies and individuals from this research will be announced at the IR Magazine Awards in South East Asia and Greater China later this year.

Aside from the awards by research, a number of awards categories will be open to nomination and the winners decided by a panel of judges. We will contact you soon with details on how to submit your nominations for these categories.

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