Agenda: IR Magazine Think Tank – Euro Leaders 2016

Feb 08, 2016
<p>MiFID II, targeting and limited budgets under the spotlight at event for senior IROs</p>

The agenda for the IR Magazine Think Tank – Euro Leaders 2016 has been released. The event, for senior-level IR professionals based in Europe, will take place on June 22, 2016 in London.

IR Magazine will begin announcing the speakers soon. To request an invitation, please click here.

Agenda: IR Magazine Think Tank – Euro Leaders 2016

8.55 am Welcome from Neil Stewart, editorial director of IR Magazine, and Bloomberg

9.00 am Briefing on MIFID II, the changing role of corporate access

  • Implications for IR, corporates and services received by corporates from brokers and suppliers
  • Ability of smaller brokerages to continue to offer sell-side research
  • How to deal with the sell side in terms of research coverage and meetings
  • How does it change the focus, strategy and research of an analyst firm?

9.15 am What’s your overhang? Macroeconomic challenges and opportunities in 2016

  • What to expect in the next 12 months? Explore geopolitics, Brexit, weakening currencies, oil prices, emerging markets, interest rates, foreign exchange rates, security issues, and more
  • How are these changes likely to affect investment decisions? Key drivers that cause investors to adjust portfolios or spur analysts to adjust earnings forecasts
  • Which part of the world are investors putting money into? What are the risks they see?
  • What do lower oil prices and emerging market turbulence mean for the large sovereign wealth funds? Will they have to retrench?
  • How to effectively communicate the factors driving your stock. How it can de-risk a portfolio and reduce exposure to certain macroeconomic factors
  • Communicating during uncertain times: what is expected? What do investors want to see in these special communications?

Panel + breakouts

10.30 am Morning coffee and refreshments

10.50 am Best practice case study from an IR Magazine Awards – Europe 2015 winner

11.00 am Running lean: High-impact targeting on limited resources

  • Operating on leaner and leaner budgets: Being efficient and prioritizing a team's time
  • Building a robust targeting methodology: exploring roadshows, various media channels, conference calls, videoconferencing, and so on 
  • Differentiating your communications to engage better with different types of investors 
  • What kind of events (one-on-ones, dinners, and so on) do investors prefer?
  • Attracting and securing foreign investment: are there opportunities? What resources and strategies should be used to launch an IR effort in Asia, the US, or the Middle East?
  • Measuring IR effectiveness: providing value to shareholders with the bigger picture in mind
  • Using brokers to successfully target appropriate investors

Panel + industry breakouts

12.15 pm Lunch

1.15 pm Best practice case study from an IR Magazine Awards – Europe 2015 winner

1.30 pm Digitization of IR: Keeping up with the latest technology

  • The increasing digitization of IR and communications and how to stay ahead
  • Using technology to communicate effectively and choosing the tools that are right for you
  • How is videoconferencing being used to access new, smaller or more remote investors?
  • How are video presentations being used? How effective have other IROs found it? 
  • How to ensure investors don’t see a blank screen and stream valuable information 24/7
  • Using websites, digital media, webcasts, CRM systems and new forms of communication to provide quick two-minute snapshots to investors 
  • What technologies ease the pressure on time? Can this replace the need for face-to-face?

2.00 pm Speed discussion topics
The setting will be six tables with different topics and discussion leaders. Participants will get to move around to three different tables during this session.

  • Shareholder activism
  • Communicating M&A
  • Reporting sustainability
  • Career 101
  • Targeting US investors
  • MiFID II

3.30 pm Event concludes

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