Corporate access poll: IROs say ‘yes’ to alternative platforms

Sep 05, 2016
<p>More than 40 percent say they have given tech options a try</p>

The results are in from our latest online poll, with more than two fifths of respondents saying they have used an alternative corporate access platform.

Almost 42 percent answered ‘yes’ when asked if they’d ever tried one of these increasingly well-known services, examples of which include Closir, ELITE Connect, ingage and Meetyl.

We also asked IROs whether they had tried one of these services and subsequently stopped using it – something no respondent reports having done. In fact, a further fifth of IROs (22 percent) say they plan to try an online corporate access platform in the future.

Just over a quarter (27 percent) say they have never tried one of these services, with a further 10 percent stating that not only have they not tried such platforms, but they also have no plans to do so in the future.

Corporate access poll

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