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Jul 01, 2019

The latest report from IR Magazine investigates the nature of corporate reporting to the investment community and what investors and analysts would like to see in this reporting. Based on responses from more than 700 IR professionals and more than 200 investment community members, data is broken down by region, cap size and job title.

This report looks at the various formats companies report in and the frequency with which they provide information in different areas. It also examines both what companies report on and the importance of different areas of reporting to investors and analysts.

Key findings

  • Nine in 10 companies have an online version of their annual report.
  • Financial statements are most frequently reported on, while qualitative issues are least frequently reported on.
  • The most common non-financial KPIs to be reported are employee-related, closely followed by environmental and governance-related KPIs.
  • Key risks to the business and key growth opportunities are the most common areas to be included in the annual report narrative section.
  • The most important reporting goal for IROs is to make a clearer link between strategy and financial results.
  • Earnings guidance is most commonly projected for the upcoming 12 months.
  • Investors and analysts find online reports the most useful means of reporting.
  • The non-financial KPIs that most interest investors and analysts are those related to governance and customers.
  • Key risks to the business and key growth opportunities are the two areas investors and analysts are most interested in having reported.


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