Switch to e-reporting for charity: How CLP won the judges’ vote in Greater China

Feb 12, 2018
Energy firm’s annual report provides a holistic view of the business

Mini-profile taken from the Award-Winning IR – Asia 2017 report details how CLP Holdings claimed the best annual report award at the IR Magazine Awards – Greater China 2017

CLP’s 2016 annual report is the company’s sixth integrated report, which aims to provide stakeholders with a holistic and connected view of the different business aspects and performance. This year, the firm included items recommended by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s ESG Reporting Guide in addition to the mandatory comply-or-explain, non-financial information. 

The design blended elements of the company’s recently refreshed corporate brand, and the report was supplemented by an interactive online snapshot, which was commended by one judge as ‘well illustrated with infographics and laid out in a very readable format.’

The ‘user-friendly approach to explaining the financials’ was praised by another judge, with data for major financial figures and tables provided online and also as downloadable Excel files. Any clarification request about the document is reportedly dealt with as a priority.

With the report now more concise and streamlined, sections that have been shortened or taken out are made available in a dedicated sustainability report or as supplementary information published on the IR website.

Last but not least, the company took the initiative of donating to charity on behalf of stakeholders who opt for receiving electronic versions of the report or agree to give their feedback to the IR team.

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