Instant insight from Georgeson

Jun 25, 2013
<p>Georgeson introduces a collaborative shareholder engagement tool for IROs and corporate secretaries in North America</p>

‘When I was an investor relations officer, I couldn’t get the shareholder data I needed or get it the way I wanted it, and I thought, There has to be a better way!’ says Agnies Watson, product developer of the Georgeson inVU™ platform. ‘Meanwhile, I knew legal departments spent frustrating hours researching proxy data and still lacked critical insight into investors’ voting patterns.

‘I’m glad to say there is now an intuitive, simple-to-use interface designed specifically for IRO and corporate secretary needs: the Georgeson inVU platform. The tool provides data that was previously difficult or impossible to get, with just a few clicks. Shareholder monitoring and targeting is easy and insightful, and proxy data and research from Georgeson gives a powerful view into investors’ voting patterns and profiles – the first time this type of data has been syndicated.

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