New IR firm set up by former Capital Precision director

Oct 01, 2012
<p>Youthful founder hopes innovative shareholder ID and targeting services will shake up market</p>

A former director at market intelligence provider Capital Precision has set up his own London-based ownership analysis firm.

Amit Sanghvi, who spent five years at Capital Precision, has launched CapMark Clarity, offering services including global shareholder identification, targeting and updates on market fund flows.

Sanghvi joined Capital Precision in 2006 after completing a degree in mathematics, finance and economics at City University, London. Still aged under 30, he has decided to strike out on his own early in his career.

‘We did a soft launch in June and are now trying to be a bit more aggressive with our marketing and advertising,’ says Sanghvi, who hopes to shake up the IR market with an innovative approach to shareholder identification and targeting.

One of the chief innovations is a service dubbed Crystal. The system remembers previous entries made by analysts, which Sanghvi says speeds up the process of data collection and leaves more time for analysis by his team.

Sanghvi has also rethought the way data is presented to clients. Reports come in a tear-sheet design so any page can be ripped off to give a macro view of the entire shareholder base, as well as a micro view of certain subsets of investors.

Furthermore, the reports highlight investors that have acted abnormally among the thousands of entries listed. ‘What we’re saying to our clients is that this helps IR departments better prioritize their time,’ says Sanghvi.

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