Research report: The IR view: Hedge funds

May 22, 2017
<p>Through a survey of more than 700 IR&nbsp;professionals, <em>IR Magazine</em> investigates&nbsp;how companies engage with the rapidly&nbsp;developing hedge fund industry</p>

Since the first hedge fund was set up by Alfred Winslow Jones in 1949, the hedge fund world has evolved almost beyond recognition. 

Today, hedge funds are just as likely to be supportive shareholders as aggressive, short-term raiders. The latter tag is difficult to shake off, however, and, as a result, few companies target hedge funds directly and many still exercise caution when meeting with them.

To understand the corporate view of hedge funds, IR Magazine surveyed more than 700 IR professionals around the world. The results highlight major challenges – but also opportunities – in the relationship between IR professionals and hedge funds as investors.

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Key findings

Section 1: Targeting
– Do you actively target hedge funds to invest in your company?
– Which particular ones?
– What factors are the most important when targeting a hedge fund?

Section 2: Meetings
– How often do you meet with hedge funds?
– How happy is senior management to meet with hedge funds?
– How do you gather information ahead of meetings?

Section 3: Engagement
– Has your company’s attitude to engaging with hedge funds changed?
– Have you noticed any difference in how hedge funds engage with corporates?
– What are the top benefits and challenges of meeting with hedge funds?

IRO Q&A: Victoria Hyde-Dunn, director of IR at Visa and NIRI San Francisco board member


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